About The Bolingbrook Babbler

The Bolingbrook Babbler is a work of Internet fiction that I started in 1998.  The current incarnation has been online since 2007, and I try to update it at least once a week.

The Babbler takes place in Bolingbrook, IL, a southwest suburb of Chicago. In this setting, The Bolingbrook Babbler is a weekly tabloid that has covered Bolingbrook since its founding in 1965.  Similar to The Weekly World News, it covers the “unbelievable truth” about Bolingbrook.  These truths include:

  • Bolingbrook is the home of the world’s largest urban UFO base.
  • Lisle, IL is secretly run by intelligent trees.
  • Bolingbrook has a population of weredeer.

In real life, The Babbler is a satirical blog where I write about subjects of interest through the eyes of an old school tabloid.