Monday, October 10, 2016

A message from the Creepy Clowns!

We are taking over this web site for one week.  Listen to our message and you will be spared.

For years we have remained hidden in the woods!  No more.  The stars and planets have aligned.  The age of light is ending.  The new age of true laughter is upon us.  We will not be stopped.  We will not let you stop us.

Donald Trump is the orange clown promised unto the world by the great makeup artist.  Vote for Tump so that he may take to the Oval Ring and become the Ringmaster of Humanity.  We know who will defy us.  We will find you.  Repent now.  Vote for Trump!  Vote for the new age.  Those who vote will be spared the from the great laughing.  Those who oppose use will become our props!

After you vote for Trump, donate to Roger’s campaign fund.  He will become the Prince of Bolingbrook.  Those who do will be rewarded.  Those who don’t…The joke will be on you!!!!

The Creepy Clowns!

Please note: All articles on this site are works of fiction.

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