Monday, October 24, 2016

Cubs-Indians World Series could lead to the apocalypse say local pagans

Could the Cubs upcoming World Series match up with the Indians lead to the apocalypse?  Some local pagans fear that the answer is yes.

Bunny, priestess of the Bolingbrook/Naperville Pagan Meetup Circle, explained her concerns.  “Powerful spirits have used their powers to prevent both teams from winning the World Series.  Both teams have overcome their spiritual efforts, but when both groups of spirits are in the same stadium, there will be a great spiritual war.  The likes of which has never been seen since the tree spirits fought the machine spirits in the 19th Century.  We’re talking major war.  You might even see them on live TV if you are close enough.”

Moonbeam, priestess of the Chicago Pagan Windy Circle Meetup, doubts that the spirits will be visible, but fears the fallout of the matchup.  “When one team is on the verge of winning, the spirits might summon the nuclear war spirits to wake up and attack.  It will be the end of all life on Earth!  How could MLB be so reckless with our future.”

Woodchuck preset of the Deerfield Pagan Unitarian Circle, feels that nothing will happen during the game, but the effect will be seen afterwards.  “I fear that this World Series is a sign that Donald Trump will win this election and bring about an age of darkness.  Which might not be a bad thing, because science and reason always get in the way of magic and spirit worship.”

Regardless of their theories, Pagan priests from Illinois and Ohio will work together to mitigate the spiritual risks this World Series game may cause.  

“If we are lucky, the worst that will happen is a riot that destroys the winning city.” said Moonbeam.

Chuck Z. Williams, spokesperson for the Bolingbrook Skeptics, doubts that anything spiritual will happen during the game.  “All this World Series game means is if your team is competently managed, the players stay healthy, and the fans are supportive enough, they have a good chance of winning it all.  All this woo around baseball is unacceptable.  As soon as we finish purging the skeptical movement of the un-pure, we will move on to purging all woo from Baseball.

Representatives from both teams refused to comment for this story.

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God to smite Bolingbrook on 10/30/16

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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Another message from the Creepy Clowns

We still have control of this web site.  It will be returned to the owners next Monday.  But we will never let go of Bolingbrook!

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Monday, October 10, 2016

A message from the Creepy Clowns!

We are taking over this web site for one week.  Listen to our message and you will be spared.

For years we have remained hidden in the woods!  No more.  The stars and planets have aligned.  The age of light is ending.  The new age of true laughter is upon us.  We will not be stopped.  We will not let you stop us.

Donald Trump is the orange clown promised unto the world by the great makeup artist.  Vote for Tump so that he may take to the Oval Ring and become the Ringmaster of Humanity.  We know who will defy us.  We will find you.  Repent now.  Vote for Trump!  Vote for the new age.  Those who vote will be spared the from the great laughing.  Those who oppose use will become our props!

After you vote for Trump, donate to Roger’s campaign fund.  He will become the Prince of Bolingbrook.  Those who do will be rewarded.  Those who don’t…The joke will be on you!!!!

The Creepy Clowns!

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Monday, October 3, 2016

Bolingbrook Babbler endorses Hillary Clinton for President and has a message for Mayor Claar

By Sara Langston on behalf of the entire staff of the Babbler
The Babbler hasn’t endorsed a General Electoral Presidential candidate since John Anderson in 1980.  Normally, we don’t feel the need to comment on the general election. This is not a normal election.

Donald Trump is one of the most unqualified candidates to be nominated by a major party since George W. Bush in 2000.  He encourages violence at his rallies, his speeches mainstream racism, and he has employed rebranded white supremacists on his staff, including his campaign CEO.  His performance at the first debate showed that he is not qualified to be a high school class president.  

We also cannot believe that the Chicago Tribune endorsed former Governor Gary Johnson.  We’re sure that he fun to hang out with, but his memory lapses make him a living argument against drug legalization.  His two self-proclaimed “Aleppo Moments” show that he doesn’t have the basic understanding of global affairs required of modern Presidents.  It is also odd that he believes that it is cheaper to colonize other planets than to address global warming.  For once, PZ Myers is right to say that he has a locust mentality when it comes to our planet.

That leaves us with Hillary Clinton.  She is not perfect, but she is not the right-wing caricature that has been pushed on us for the last 30 years.   She has been one of the most honest candidates during this campaign.  She is competent, experienced, and has workable ideas for this country.  Her diplomatic successes, especially her role in the Iran Nuclear Deal, show that she is a woman who is capable of running a superpower.  Our country will function under Hillary Clinton.  It will not under any other candidate in this race.  

We’ve heard that some people are supporting Trump because he will shake things up and send a protest message to the powers that be.  If humanity survives Trump, we believe that the society that will arise will be worse than the current global state.  “Thought Leaders” will use Trump’s failed Presidency as an excuse to end democracy around the world.  Instead of relinquishing control, the one percent will tighten their grip on the economy.  Instead of the revolution disgruntled Bernie Sanders supporters want, the post-Trump revolution will be closer to global corporate feudalism Sanders fears.   

Clinton is the only serious candidate for President not because she is a member of one of the two parties, but because she understand the issues that will be important for humanity’s survival in the 21st Century.  Maybe someday the Republicans will get their act together.  Maybe someday The Greens will run science-based candidates and the Libertarians will realize that running their convention like bad science fiction convention is not wise.  When major media outlets are paying attention to your convention, that is not the time to have a candidate perform a strip dance.  Until the other parties get serous, Clinton is the only serious candidate.

Finally, we need to say something about Mayor Roger Claar’s endorsement of Trump.  We understand that as a Republican leader he is expected to support the party’s nominee.  However, he could have chosen to simply declare his support and focus on state party candidates.  He didn’t.  He could have chosen to support another candidate after Jeb Bush dropped out.  Instead, he chose to support Trump.  He also chose to become a delegate to the Republican National Convention.  He also told Trump that he would vote for Trump through every round of voting if necessary.  We understand that he doesn’t directly manage the Bolingbrook Golf Club, but we don’t understand why he choose to be an organizer of a Trump fundraiser.  

Claar has thrown away his reputation as a moderate Republican. He has turned his back to our Muslim community by endorsing a candidate who wants to ban muslims from the US.  He has turned his back to our Jewish community by endorsing a candidate who retweeted an anti-semitic graphic. He has turned his back on our African American community by endorsing a candidate who posted fake crime stats on his Twitter account.  He has turned his back to the women of Bolingbrook by supporting a candidate who is awake at 3 AM posting lies about sex tapes. He has turned his back to every decent resident who can see that Trump is clearly not a normal candidate and his politics should never be normalized. 

It is our opinion that if Claar faces competent opposition next year, it won’t be because of the people behind the now defunct Citizens for a Better Bolingbrook.  It will be because he turned his back on everything that makes Bolingbrook a great place to live.

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Please note: All articles on this site are works of fiction.