Monday, June 6, 2016

Dr. Gorski and Orac seen together for the first time

Dr. Gorski and Orac photographed together for the first time.

Eyewitness at a Reason Rally after party fundraiser in Washington DC claim to have seen bloggers Dr. David Gorski and Orac on the same stage.

Said one eyewitness, “I wanted to say, ‘Oh my God!’ but I didn’t because I don’t believe in God.”

This public appearance could finally dispel rumors that the two science based medicine bloggers are the same person.  Their first public appearance was for an exclusive fundraiser for feline cancer research.  It was in honor of Anti-psychic Kitty, a feline fellow at the Chicago Center for Inquiry, who died of cancer this year.

According to the eyewitnesses, Gorski gave a 15 minute talk about the current state of feline cancer research.  Then he spoke warmly about his e-mail exchanges with APK, who, like the other feline fellows, had human level intelligence.

“He was a sweet cat, and alway wrote the nicest e-mail to me.  He even offered to use his anti-psychic powers to kill a psychic and leave him or her on my doorstep.  I guess that’s a sign of love from a cat.”

After the speech, Cassie, another feline fellow, gave a 15 minute introductory speech for Orac.  Orac then walked on stage wearing a full head mask and trench coat.  He then proceeded to give a 45 minute speech slamming “quackademia” in veterinary medicine.  

“When an animal is in pain, you should give it medicine.  Don’t give it water and pretend the pet is getting better!  I don’t blame some pet caregivers for trying alternatives to actually treating pain.  I blame vets who victimize poor animal and blind caregivers with woo!  It’s stories like this that remind me why homeopathy is one of the most important things to oppose!  There’s a special place on my blog for the respectful insolence these quacks deserve!”

After his speech, Orac walked off to a standing ovation.  Andy, the other surviving feline fellow then jumped on the podium and entertained the audience for 10 minutes by tossing a shiny ball in the air.  

Finally, he stopped and said, “You’re about to see history!”  The audience cheered as Orac and Gorski walked on the stage at the same time.  

“We just proved Natural News wrong again.”  Said Gorski.

Beth, who asked that we not use her last name, also witnessed the historic moment.  “At first, I thought Orac shrank between finishing his speech, and coming back on stage.  Then I realized I was anomaly hunting, and that would make me a bad skeptic.  I’m not a bad skeptic, so I had to conclude that I really did see Orac and Dr. Gorski on stage at the same time.”

“When reached for comment, a spokesperson for CFI denied the event happened, and that they are caring for super-intelligent felines.

In the background, a man could be heard saying, “Don’t worry, Lyz.  We know you did the best you could with such short notice.  We’ll just have our surrogates blame PZ Myers for the low attendance.  Then we’ll give you four years to plan the 2020 Reason Rally.  We know you’ll do a great job with it!”

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