Monday, March 14, 2016

Manchester Mumbler: Richard Dawkins to endorse Donald Trump?

Some political observers believe that Professor Richard Dawkins is on the verge of endorsing US Presidential Candidate Donald Trump.

“It’s obvious!”  Said Carl Wetton, amateur political pundit.  “First, Michael Shermer offered a semi-endorsement of Trump, then backed away.  Now Neil deGrasse Tyson just posted a tweet attacking people who attack Trump!  These two men are testing the waters for an eventual Dawkins endorsement.”

Other political experts who returned e-mails to the Mumbler believe that Dawkins and Trump would be united in their opposition to Islam and to political correctness.  An endorsement from Dawkins, some believe, would strengthen support for Trump’s foreign policy proposals.  Some of the experts expressed concern that a Dawkins could be the only thing, besides Trump converting to Satanism, that would hurt Trump among evangelical voters.

Mark Z. Klein PhD, who sent an unsolicited e-mail to the Mumbler, doubts that Dawkins will endorse Trump.

“Whatever you think Dawkin’s views actually are, he believes himself to be a liberal.  He might try to work with a President Trump to destroy Islam, but his view of himself as a liberal would prevent him from actually endorsing Trump.  Besides, CFI’s Office of Public Policy is run by Michael De Dora.  Even if Dawkins runs CFI now, there’s no way he’s going to risk conflict with De Dora by endorsing Trump.  At the best, we’ll probably see a lot of  ‘I don’t always agree with Trump, but he’s right about this’ tweets from the professor.”

An anonymous member of Trump’s campaign team wouldn’t confirm if Dawkins planed to endorse Trump.

“Let’s just say everyone the Donald considers smart endorses him.  If the professor wants to keep his reputation as a smart person, he’ll know what to do.”

CFI and Dawkins did not returns requests for comment.

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