Friday, January 1, 2016

Top ten most read Babbler articles of 2015

By Sara Langston

Bolingbrook and the Babbler both turned 50 in 2015.  These are the most read articles from our golden year.

  1. The Mayors of Bolingbrook: Roger Claar 1986:  The online version of our very first interview with Mayor Roger Claar.  Has it really been 30 years?
  2. Obama will not expose the truth about aliens, say Biden: And he still hasn’t.
  3. Is Garfield Pond home to a monster? We still get reports from Lisle about this creature.
  4. Bolingbrook officials celebrate defeat of Denver Ordinance 300:  This article is used in an online writing course. 
  5. Donald Trump and David Koch clash at Illuminati sponsored debate: People tell us that this article has helped them make sense of the 2016 Presidential Campaign.
  6. Bolingbrook opposition parties respond to 2015 State of the Village Address: Yes, Bolingbrook does have opposition parties.
  7. Bonnie and Roger clash at Clow UFO Base town hall meeting: What a meeting it was.
  8. Sylvia Browne slams critics from beyond the grave: We hear she’s still doing that.
  9. New paranormal show to investigate the Hidden Lakes Monster: We hear the show is still in the “concept stage.”
  10. Bolingbrook church challenges atheist David Silverman to MMA match: To date, Silverman still hasn’t accepted their challenge.
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