Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Red Deer Reporter: Billionaire vows to build 'American Football University'

Charles Z. Pinkerton III an American billionaire, loves US college football so much that he wants to build a “football university” in Red Deer.

“Red Deer is already the perfect US college town.”  Said Pinkerton.  “All it really needs is a big university!”

Pinkerton believes that global warming will force many US citizens to migrate to Alberta.  His proposed Red Deer State university would cater to these new immigrants.  The proposed campus would support over 100,000 students, thus doubling the population of Red Deer.  While it would offer university level degrees, its main purpose would be to develop talent for the National Football League.  Players rejected by the NFL would have the chance to tryout for the Canadian Football League.

“It’s a great system we have in the United States!”  Explained Pinkerton.  “We get players for almost free.  Our fans pay thousands of dollars for the privilege of reduced ticket prices, and get a degree as bonus.  The taxpayers give us millions of dollars, and don’t complain as long as the team is winning.  Oh, and we get a share of money for TV networks, and money from bowl games.  As long as the majority of professors are adjuncts, it’s like printing money.  Canada is going to love Red Deer State University!”

Pinkerton also added that there are benefits for Red Deer too.

“You’ll get a big stadium that can also be used for concerts.  Plus more people means more money from the provencal government.  Since the students will be gone after nine months, that means Red Deer residents will get to enjoy the profits for three months!”

The team, tentative called the Fighting Moose, will be a member of a major US collegiate football conference.

“We’re entertaining offers from The Atlantic Coast Conference, The Big Ten, and The Sun Belt Conference!”

A spokesperson for the University of Calgary, laughed at the proposed University.  “As any true Canadian knows, we believe in promoting student development over athletic development!  That’s why Canada created the Canadian Interuniversity Sport to prevent the crass commercialism we see to the South.  Even a lousy canuck, knows it is a bad idea for a university to be dominated by its athletic department.”

When this reporter tried to contact the Lousy Canuck blog, the receptionist said the blogger was in the middle of a conference call.

“In the background, a man could be heard yelling, “I don’t want to see a civil war!  OK, maybe I will want to see Capitan America: Civil War, but that’s it!”

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God to smite the rest of Canada on 3/8/15

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Monday, July 20, 2015

Rochelle Reader: Orthotic and prosthetic ‘suppliers’ terrorize Rockford

John, last name withheld, was walking to his home in Rockford, when a man approached.  The man asked John if he wore a knee brace.  John replied that he didn’t.  After extending his ASP baton, the man smiled.

“I can solve that problem for you right now!”

John darted away from the man, running towards a public street.

“Rockford has four of the finest Orthopedic practices in Northern Illinois.  Tell them I sent you, and I’ll get a finder’s fee!”

John soon spotted a police car and the man ran away.  John was winded, but otherwise unharmed.

“I thought it was bad when doctors were first allowed to advertise.  This is going too far!”

Many Rockford residents claim to have encountered these so-called “suppliers” of orthotic and prosthetic patients.  The “suppliers” either try to harm a person, or encourage risky behavior, then tell their victims to go to a local CPO practitioner so they can collect a “finder’s fee.”

Officially, the Rockford deny the existence of these “suppliers.”  Unofficially, they claim that there are several such incidents every week.

“I know business can be slow in the prosthetic business.  I mean it’s not everyday someone loses a limb.”  Said an anonymous police detective.  “But these suppliers are something else.  It almost makes you want to move to Chicago.  The bad guys will just shoot you.  Here they’ll shoot you, and then get a cut from your treatment.”

Dr Paula, who asked that we not use her last name, said she encountered a “supplier” while transferring a patient to an emergency room.

“We just got him out of the ambulance, when some man yelled, ‘If you cut off her leg, I’ll give you 10% of my fee!’  I can’t wait for the day we can regrow limbs, and drive these ‘suppliers’ out of business!”

Donald, another anonymous victim, was at a restaurant, when he mentioned to a friend that he is diabetic.  According to Donald, a man pushed a dessert cart next to him.

“Eat all of this.”  The man allegedly said.  “Then once your feet start swelling, I can get you a great deal on a custom orthotic shoe!”

Donna Z. Gill, a spokesperson for the American Board of Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics, and Pedorthics, denied the existence of “suppliers” in Rockford.

“The practitioners in Rockford are ethical and professional!  They would never hire people to create new business.  With the baby boomers getting older, our profession will have more than enough patients to keep everyone busy!”

CPO Doug, from the Rockford office of Limbs R US, also denied using “suppliers.”

“We don’t need to create business!  As long a farmers work with dangerous equipment, athletes hit each other in the knees, and people get old, we will always stay in business.”

A man in the background, then said, “Look!  They’ve automated the RAC audits!  Let me do one now.  Did I make a prosthetic device this year?  Yes.  Did I charge Medicare?  Yes!  What?  I have to reimburse Medicare?  That’s not right.  That makes me so mad!”

“You'll win the appeal.”  Doug replied.  “Until then, just relax.  Shooting off your gun will make you feel better.  Here are some resumes with foreign looking names that you can use for target practice!”

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God to bless Rochelle this week

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Monday, July 13, 2015

Donald Trump vows to deport all space aliens

By Reporter X

Speaking outside of Bolingbrook’s Clow Airport, Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump promised to deport all space aliens from Earth.

“Since aliens have invaded Earth in the 1940s, we’ve had several wars, Ebola outbreaks, the rise of ISIS, and Obamacare!  They are hurting us!  The universe is sending their worst beings to our planet.  I say its time we send them back!”

Addressing an estimated crowd of 20 people, Trump said that his first act as President would be to sign an executive order shutting down all UFO Bases.  “I want all 20,000 of you to know that nothing good has come from UFO bases like Clow.  We can keep the airport running, but we need to bury the UFO base!”

Trump also launched a verbal attack against the Martian Colonists.

“Everyone says that we should be afraid of the Martians and that we should call them colonists.  They say they can destroy the world in seconds.  Well I say that’s not true!  I don’t care what the experts say.  I don’t even care what the facts say.  I know that the Martians are weak!  I know they can’t stand up to me.  Mars belongs to us, not them.  Once I’m in the White House, and will send them this simple message: You’re fired!  Clean out your colonies and get out of our solar system.”

Trump also attacked Mayor Roger Claar.

“That man runs Clow UFO Base, and in my eyes that makes him a traitor!  If he promises to shut it down, and run my Illinois campaign, I will pardon him.  It’s an offer he can’t refuse!”

Despite the fact that a majority of residents either work for Clow, or have jobs related to alien activities, Trump was not worried about losing the Bolingbrook vote.  

“I will win Bolingbrook.  I will win it by a lot!  Even Roger Claar will vote for me once I make a donation to his campaign fund!”

Oyolock, an expert on Interstellar Affairs, was appalled by Trump’s comments.  “Our scientific exchanges with humanity helped you create the transistor and the microchip.  You would still be using vacuum tubes if it weren’t for us.  If you actually elected Trump, you could forget about humans being allowed off the planet again.  The only things Trump can do well are make himself look smarter than reality show contestants and declare bankruptcy.”

Sources within the New World Order note that the President does not have the authority to shutdown UFO Bases.  All UFO bases on Earth are fully or partly administered by the New World Order.

“We’re thinking about letting Trump win as part of a campaign to end democracy.  The idea is we’d give him a year to run the country into the ground, then have the International Monetary Fund take over.  Kind of like what we did to Greece.”

When reached for comment, Claar said he doubted that Trump would win the nomination.

“The Republican leadership and the Koch Brothers will shut him down if he takes this stunt too far.  As far as I’m concerned, the only thing Trump is doing is making the eventual nominee look good.”

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God to spare Bolingbrook this week.

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Saturday, July 11, 2015

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July 2015 update:  We're now just eight dollars away from our first Patreon goal.  Will you help us reach it?

By Jenna Olson

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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Mayor Claar saves New Horizons probe

By Reporter X

Content Notice:  Discussions similar to body image conversations.  

After several hours of mediation, Bolingbrook mayor Roger Claar persuaded the Plutoians to stop jamming NASA’s New Horizons probe.

Said Claar, “I am proud to work with the leaders of Pluto to resolve this conflict with little loss of scientific data from New Horizons.  Earth will have wonderful pictures of Pluto and none of them will feature Pluto City.”

According to sources, Pluto forced New Horizons into safe mode after finding out that the International Astronomical Union would not consider restoring Pluto’s status as a full planet until 2018.  The New World Order convened an emergency summit at Bolingbrook’s Clow UFO Base with representatives from Pluto’s government.

The New World Order representatives tried to explain that it didn’t matter humans called Pluto because Pluto’s scientists are not bound by the IAU’s decisions.

“Words’s have power, and words can hurt.”  Countered Pluto representative Plackgock!  

“But you shouldn’t feel bad about being called a dwarf planet.”  Said Coordinator Biff.

“Don’t tell us how to feel!  We can feel however we want about being labeled.  In fact, how would you like it if we labeled Earth a fat planet?  Maybe we’re the normal sized planet because we could control our appetite while orbiting the sun.  Maybe the reason Earth has cleared its orbit is because it is so piggy.  Jupiter is mostly gas, so it has an excuse.  What is Earth’s excuse?”

“Enough with the planet shaming!”  Interrupted Claar.  “This is getting us nowhere.  The representatives of Pluto should be better than this!  Until the IAU changes its mind, think of your world as the Peter Dinklage of the solar system.”  

Claar then brought in a representative from the Center for Inquiry.  She grinned as she looked at the Plutoians.

“The Executive Director of our Washington DC branch runs a fashion blog. She wants to do a photo shoot with all of you because your outfits are so hot!  I mean so cool!”

“Um, doesn’t that go against Earth’s policy to cover up off world visitors?” Asked Plackgock.

“Don’t worry.  We’re starting a new blog for the interstellar Internet.  It’s called Fashion: Inside Earth’s UFO Bases.  Your delegation will be featured in the first post!”

Plackgock immediate ordered his government to stop jamming New Horizons.

New Horizons will make its closest approach to Pluto on July 14.  Dignitaries from around our solar system, including Claar are expected be visiting Pluto to watch.

“We painted our twin planet Charon black just for the occasion.  We thought it might please our Emo fans on Earth!”  

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God to smite Bolingbrook on 7/10/15

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