Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Skepchick accidentally posts photo of a Mississippi River monster?

Photo of Missi taken by Jamie Bernstein, CC 2012.

Did a blogger at Skepchick, the controversial network of feminists skeptics, accidentally promote a picture of a real river monster?  A Chicago area cryptozoologist says yes.

The controversy started when Skepchick blogger Jamie wrote a post claiming that her “obvious” hoax photo was picked up by the Frontiers of Zoology blog and presented as real. She claims she really photographed a pipe in the middle of the river.

Chicago’s John Z. Parker, an aspiring to be famous cryptozoologist, disagrees.  

“There’s no way that is a digitally blurred image of a pipe in the Mississippi River!  That’s a lake monster!  I mean that’s Pepie, the lake monster of the Mississippi River!”

Parker believes that the skeptical blogger only thought she was taking a picture of a pipe.

“What she really saw was the creature, but since she’s a skeptic, she couldn’t accept that.  So she altered her memory to think she saw a pipe.  Then she posted the photo thinking that she was hoaxing us.  But actually she was proving us right.  Skeptics always attack our eyewitnesses’s memories, so it’s nice to attack them back!”   

Famed skeptic and neurologist Dr. Steven Novella, disputed Parker’s theory.

“OK, I’ll play along if you’ll end this interview quickly.  Yes, our memories aren’t perfect.  But, and this is a serious but, there’s a difference between an imperfect memory and gaslighting.  It sounds like what John, if he’s a real person, is trying to do here.  That’s not acceptable.  By the way, I’ve seen the original photo and it clearly shows a pipe in the water.  So now we have two choices.  Either a Skepchick blogger photographed an incredible rare creature and photoshopped it to look like a pipe.  Or she photographed a very common pipe and made it look like a sea serpent just for fun.  I think I’ll apply Occam’s Razor here.”

Parker, however, insists his theory is correct.  

“Sure it’s hard to believe that there’s a mysterious creature in the Mississippi.  Then again, Quantium Mechanics is hard to believe.  If scientists can believe in Quantium Mechanics, I can believe in Pepie!”

When asked to comment, head Skepchick Rebecca Watson mainly talked about her Patreon page then added, “Thanks to Patreon, we could afford to post a video of the pipe, and then track how many cryptozoological sites link to it.  I think my supporters would love something like that!”

Parker, on the other hand, intends to launch a Kickstarter page to fund an expedition to find Pepie.

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