Monday, December 8, 2014

Guest Opinion: Center for Inquiry’s feline fellows agree that ‘deniers are not skeptics'

 Note: The following guest opinion is from The Center of Inquiry’s feline fellows, who are based in
Chicago.  The opinions of these genetically modified cats do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Babbler.

Cats are natural skeptics, and that’s why we’re signing the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry’s open letter, “Deniers are not skeptics.”

As scientific skeptics, we are well aware of political efforts to undermine climate science by those who deny reality but do not engage in scientific research or consider evidence that their deeply held opinions are wrong. The most appropriate word to describe the behavior of those individuals is “denial.” Not all individuals who call themselves climate change skeptics are deniers. But virtually all deniers have falsely branded themselves as skeptics. By perpetrating this misnomer, journalists have granted undeserved credibility to those who reject science and scientific inquiry.
Climate change is an issue that affects all species, not just humans.  Rising sea levels endanger the homes of thousands of cats and dogs.  Droughts threaten our pet food supply.  The economic damage caused by extreme weather threatens our caretakers' ability to provide for us.

Science-based skeptics know better than to deny the reality of climate change.  Climate deniers want to distract the public from the science.  They distract other humans with talking points, just like a cat tries to distract their caretaker when he or she is typing on their computer. 

Don’t be distracted by the deniers’ shiny balls of well funded woo!  Learn the facts and take action.  We can disagree on how to deal with the changing climate, but we cannot deny that humans are altering the climate and we cannot ignore the impact it will have on our planet.

Center for Inquiry Feline Fellow.

Anti-Psychic Kitty
Committee for Skeptical investigation Feline Fellow

Center for Inquiry Feline Fellow

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