Sunday, December 15, 2013

Chicago Skeptics to unleash another Skepticamp in 2014

The controversial organization Chicago Skeptics announced that they would host a Skepticamp on April 4, 2014 at the Irish American Center in Chicago.

“Last year, we put on an awesome event that attracted between 175 and 199 people!”  Said Chicago Skeptics member, who asked not to be identified.  “In 2014, we hope to have another awesome event because their are so many awesome skeptics in Chicago that can talk about so many awesome topics!”

Supporters of Skepticamps say they are informal events that promote scientific skepticism.  They are free to attend, but attendees are encouraged to participate by either giving a presentation, volunteering their time, or making a donation.  Speakers volunteer for speaking spots instead of being “curated.”  Skeptics around the world have organized the events since 2007.

Last year’s Chicago Skepticamp presentations included a skeptical prospective on Electronic Voice Phenomena, Bayesian Logic, the science behind marital arts, and conspiracy theories.

Anyone who wants to attend can register online.  There is also a separate site for potential speakers to register.

Critics contend that the real purpose of Skepticamps is to unleash high levels of anti-psychic energy in urban areas, encourage the public to ignore “Cryptids,” and condemn millions of ghosts to oblivion by encourage disbelief in them.”

 Dawn, president of the Chicago Paranormal and UFO Society, accused the Chicago Skeptics of “creating a parapsychology disaster” with their last Skepticamp.

“Last year, Chicago’s psychics had to refund thousands of dollars due to the anti-psychic energy their event released into the environment.  Not only that, we estimate that there were approximately 300 Fortean events that weren’t reported due the public believing they were suffering from Pareidolia or were misidentifying a normal creature.”

Dawn also believes there are sinister forces behind the Skepticamp movement.

“I really find their emphasis on ‘critical thinking’ to be very disturbing.  Critical thinking is just one of many ways of knowing you’re right.  For example, my intuition tells me that the Chicago Skeptics are working with the New World Order to cover up numerous psychology operations.  Logical thinking would require me to deny this theory, but I know it’s true and there are other ways of confirming the truth!  That’s why I listen to Alex Jones!”

Another member of Chicago Skeptics denies that the group is part of any conspiracy, and defended critical thinking.”

“Sure it is possible to suffer from hyperskepticism, but the problem is that too many people believe in harmful pseudoscience.  For example, irrational fears of vaccines are leading to measles outbreaks.  People die when they give up effective medicines for homeopathy.  The only thing we are guilty of is promoting science and reason!”

Chicago Skepticamp registration will be open through March 1, 2014.

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