Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Old Chicago Revisited: Psychics protest Brian De Palma filming at Old Chicago (August, 1977)

From 1975 to 1980, the Old Chicago Mall was a major attraction in Bolingbrook.  It was the first to combine an indoor mall with an amusement park.  Though it has long since been torn down, many residents still have fond memories.  The Babbler also uncovered many stories surrounding Old Chicago, including this one:

Psychics from around the world, most in astral form, picketed in front of Old Chicago to protest the filming of Brian De Palma’s “The Fury.”

“Brian hates psychics!”  Said a protestor who asked to be called Moonfire.  “‘Carrie’ perpetuated negative stereotypes about the gifted.  Now he wants to bring his hate to Bolingbrook!  We won’t let him.  We have the largest number of astrally projected psychics ever gathered in one place!  We’ll send him a clear message!”

The protesters claim that De Palma’s new film will be about psychic killer going on a cross country killing rampage.  If the film is released, they fear it will lead to public mistrust of psychics, and calls to regulate psychic powers.

“I see a dark future for us if we let Brian’s evil vision go unchecked!”  Said psychic Paula.  “I can feel the sexist energy radiating from his movie set.  Gifted women will die because of him!”

Extras on the set, who asked not to be identified, denied that any staged mass slaughter took place in the amusement park.

“It was kind of boring.”  Said one extra.  “We just walked back and forth during each take.  Sometimes he’d yell at us for not being happy.  He was a pain to work with, but it will be worth it to be on the big screen for a few seconds.  I can tell my grandkids that I was a movie actor!”

A spokesperson for actress Amy Irving denied that the film was anti-psychic.

“This will have a more balanced presentation of psychics than ‘Carrie’ did.”  Said the spokesperson.  “I can’t give too many details, but I can tell you that we’ll be killing Arabs in this film instead of teenagers.  This, to me, is a major improvement!”

Bolingbrook police kept the protesters outside Old Chicago.  There were no arrests, which disappointed the officers present.

“I wish I could make these people disappear.” Said rookie officer Drew Peterson.  “How can they be this annoying and not be criminals?”

The protest abruptly ended when a loud crashing sound came from inside Old Chicago.  A psychic said they were under attack, and the protestors fled in panic.  Officers say the sound was from a scene in the movie, and no one was harmed.

After filming, DePalma refused to grant an interview, but did ask if this reporter would like to be a murder victim in his next movie.

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