Monday, November 4, 2013

Looking back and looking ahead: Bolingbrook Babbler web site turns 15

By Chris Olson, Publisher

Fifteen years ago this month, we started our web site by posting our first online story.  Now our web is old enough to get its learner’s permit.  

We’ve seen a lot of changes in those 15 years.  America elected its first African American president.  An opposition party rose up against Mayor Roger Claar, and only to fizzle out and have its leader exiled to Florida.  We saw our enemies, the skeptical movement, increase their numbers, only to succumb to a deep rift.  

Our blog has also been noticed by mentioned by various other sites, like The Bad Astronomer, Digital Cuttlefish, Bigfoot Buzz, Doubtful News, and Cryptomundo.  Some people on the Internet may not like us, but they cannot ignore us!

I’ll admit, I was a bit skeptical when the idea of starting our own web page was brought to my attention.  Of course, we all know that skepticism leads its followers to intolerance and moral oblivion.  So I am glad I didn’t listen to the devil’s advocate.  Although we are the oldest publication in Bolingbrook, we cannot stagnate.  The web site helped us keep up as Bolingbrook grew and changed.

We are also looking forward to the future.  Next year, we hope to make a very special announcement.  I can’t release the details right now, but we hope it will introduce more people to The Babbler and please our current readers.  This project might deeply offend some skeptics, but why let that stop us?

There is also going to be another change.  In January, I will retire, and my daughter Jenna Olson, will take over.  She’s graduate of the University of Iowa where she majored in business and minored in journalism.  Jenna has worked in our advertising department for 2 years.  This means The Babbler will have been owned by the same family since 1965.

I’ve been the publisher since 1981, and I am proud to have guided The Babbler to where it is today.  The Babbler needed a change in 1981 to move forward, and today I think it needs another change.  It has been an honor to be your publisher, and I know that Jenna will keep delivering the unbelievable truth to the residents of Bolingbrook, and to our readers on the Internet.  Thank you for supporting us, and The Babbler will continue to support you.

As in the past, we’ll celebrate the site’s birthday by feature articles from our archive.  This year, we’ll reprint three articles about Old Chicago, the first mall with an indoor amusement park.  It was a fixture in Bolingbrook for five years, and this week, we’ll be showing you the stories that “they” didn’t want you to know about.

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Please note: All articles on this site are works of fiction.

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