Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Babbler celebrates 14 years on the Internet

By Chris Olson, Publisher

Fourteen years ago, a Bolingbrook resident walked into our office and said he could get us on the World Wide Web.  I was skeptical, but I was willing to give him a chance.  In November of that year, he put the first Babbler article online.  The response was small but promising enough that by the next year, we were putting one story a month online.

Fourteen years later a lot has changed.  Bolingbrook is larger.  Mayor Roger Claar has an opposition party to deal with, the weredeer were tamed by The Bolingbrook Jaycees, and Bolingbrook has a major shopping center.

Our web site has changed to keep up with the times.  Now it’s updated once a week, and we have a global audience.  We also feature content from our two sister publications, The Manchester Mumbler and The Red Deer Reporter.  When the world wants to know the unbelievable truth, they read The Babbler.

We’ve met new people through the web site.  We’ve founds some surprising friends in the so-called skeptical community, like Anti-psychic Kitty.  We’ve also found new enemies, including the skeptical trolls.  You would think that skeptics would have better ways of saying no thanks to a Five Dollar Challenge than name calling.

Though all the years, we’ve maintained a commitment reporting the truth, no matter how unbelievable it may be.  While the mainstream media ignores Clow UFO Base, we cover it.  While the other Bolingbrook publications won’t touch Claar’s interstellar trips, we’re sending a reporter to follow him.  While publications like Patch write fluff articles about Bolingbrook, we’re digging for the real story.

The Babbler has been covering Bolingbrook since 1965, and we’ve come to see the web site as an important tool for brining the unbelievable truth to the world.  We aren’t getting rid of the print edition, but we do know that some people prefer to get their news over the Internet.  We’re serving those readers with our web page, Twitter account, and Facebook page.  I was skeptical of the Internet at first.  Looking back, I’m glad that we ventured onto the Internet.  It is one of the reasons we weren’t forced into becoming a celebrity gossip rag.

Moving forward, we promise to maintain a strong Internet presence.  Neither Roger Claar, PZ Myer’s army of Minnesota Talking Land Squids, nor the Chicago ghost political machine will stop us from spreading the truth.  There will be no more seven year gaps in our online coverage.  We’re committed to bringing the truth into the Twenty-first century!

Please note: All articles on this site are works of fiction.

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