Saturday, October 27, 2012

Breaking News: Illinois resident photographs alien at CSICon

A photo taken by David Bloomberg (enhanced)

An Illinois resident tweeted an alleged photo of an alien attending a major skeptical convention.  

If confirmed, this would offer conclusive proof that The Committee for Skeptical Inquiry and it’s parent organization, The Center for Inquiry, are now the lead organizations representing the skeptical community to the interstellar community.  Some say that skeptics and aliens are working together to cover up the existence of UFOs and promote the scientific method.  Once humanity fully embraces science and critical thinking, the alien leaders will reveal themselves to humanity.

Some sources say that the photographed alien is one of many attending CSICon in Nashville this weekend.  So far, this is first confirmed alien photograph from the convention.

President and CEO Ronald Lindsay could not be reached for comment.

When reached for comment, Rebecca Watson, head of the Skepchick network of blogs, said, “Dude!  It’s been years since I’ve had fun at a skeptical convention.  Don’t ruin it for me with your silly questions!”

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