Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Web Exclusive: Record number of Extraterrestrials expected at Taste of Bolingbrook

By Reporter X

Organizers expect a record number of extraterrestrials at this weekend’s Taste of Bolingbrook.  

“I’ve heard that Clow is running out of disguises.”  Said Mary, who asked that we not use her last name.  “Combine this with the human visitors, and this could be a huge event.”

Organizers believe the increase is due to participating restaurants serving exclusive meals for extraterrestrials.  For the first time, aliens can go to any booth, flash a secret hand sign, and get a choice of dishes catered to their biology.

“Bolingbrook has great restaurants.”  Said a member of the Bolingbrook Chamber of Commerce.  “However, human food is poisonous to some of our visitors.  We want to attract these visitors by serving special dishes.  Then they can dine along with the human visitors!”

Qudupo, an alien from Alpha Centauri, says this is why he is attending.

“I can’t wait to try the gravel salad!”

Others say they are going because Chicago is off limits due to the NATO summit that weekend.

“Sure, I like a good riot as much as any purple blooded being.”  Said GU Ko of the Komet Empire.  “I also like eating good food and not having to worry about getting blasted with sonic cannons.  I’ll stay in Bolingbrook this weekend and be safe from your warring mathematicians!  Just what is the big deal about 99 percent?”

Taste of Bolingbrook runs on Saturday, from Noon to 10 PM and Sunday from Noon to 8 PM.  It will take place behind the Town Center at 375 W. Briarcliff Road.  Admission is free, and includes a family area, as well as live music.

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