Sunday, April 1, 2012

Web Exclusive: Keith Olbermann to move to Bolingbrook Community Television?

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Days after being booted from Current TV, Keith Olbermann may be bringing Countdown to Bolingbrook Community Television.

Donnie Wilks, a BCTV producer, says he asked to produce a new show for Olbermann the day he was fired from Current TV.

“I really loved Countdown on MSNBC and Current.”  Said Wilks.  “So when I heard about the firing, I sent him a tweet offering to do the show on BCTV.  Imagine my surprise when he replied that he was interested.”

Wilks claims he sent Olbermann a primer about Bolingbrook’s politics.  Olbermann, according to Wilks, then asked him about the production quality of the new show.

“I said BCTV could keep the lights on during a live broadcast.  He felt that was already a major improvement over Current TV.”

Olbermann then sent a video to Wilks stating his disbelief about Bolingbrook?  “(Mayor Roger Claar) started to build a gated community?  Are you (expletive deleted) me?  Wouldn’t it have been cheaper if he had just promised to pay the mortgages of Bolingbrook’s 1 percent?”

After agreeing to give Olbermann all the rights to the shows, Olbermann sent a sample “Special Comment” dealing with the Bolingbrook Chronicle, a new web site by former trustee candidate Rhonda Reed-Slaughter.  Wilks would not release the video, but did provide an excerpt from the transcript.

“Gee Rhonda, you’re surprised that Ken Cygan didn’t respond to your questionnaire?  Could it have something to do with the fact that you were affiliated with The Watch Dogs of Bolingbrook?  You know, the web site that attacked him because union members attended one of his fundraisers.  That little thing called guilt by association.  Remember how well that worked in the 1950s.  

“Which brings me to my next point.  Part of politics involves building alliances.  If you wanted to build an alliance to bring down Roger, who better to join your alliance than the local union members?  Why did you affiliate yourself with a group that attacked union members?  Do you want village employees to have substandard wages?  Do you want to turn Bolingbrook into Madison?  

“It is opposition groups like the Watch Dogs that allowed Bolingbrook to become a one party village.  It is these antics that make residents choose the devil they know, rather than the devil they can barely read!”

BCTV denied knowing Wilks or of any producer planning on bringing Olbermann to BCTV.

Claar, when e-mailed, didn’t believe Olbermann was coming to BCTV.  He added, “If he wants to take a vacation from counting his money, I hope he finds something better to do than attack me!”

When this reporter tried to reach Olbermann, his lawyer said his only plans involved suing Current TV to clear his name.  In the background, a man who sounded like Olbermann said, “You mean, if I take over Current TV, I would only make money if the network were profitable?  That would involve keeping the all the talent happy?  Wow, I thought all you had to do to be a media CEO was insult your talent, and keep the Republican Party happy.”

Please note: All articles on this site are works of fiction.

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