Sunday, January 22, 2012

Web Exclusive: Bolingbrook Babbler to speak at SkeptiCamp Chicago!

The Bolingbrook Babbler will bring much needed open-mindedness to Chicago’s second SkeptiCamp on 1/28/12.

“We are thankful for the opportunity to talk about our readers to an audience they may not normally read our publication.”  Said Publisher Chris Olson.  “After Saturday, these low level operatives will get a better understand of Big Skepticism, and know that they are pawns in an alien conspiracy to spread critical thinking.”

Initially, Olson wanted Anti-psychic Kitty, the most skeptical creature on Earth, to speak at the convention through an interpreter.  The Chicago Skeptics expressed their doubt, saying they couldn’t be sure it was Anti-psychic Kitty talking, or the interpreter pretending to speak for APK.  

According to an anonymous source within Chicago Skeptics, “Since this is an open convention, it would just be better for you guys to speak for yourselves, and leave the cat out of it.”

Chicago SkeptiCamp will feature 14 speakers, a video conference with SkeptiCamp Madrid, and a trivia contest.  Admission is free, but all participants are encouraged to volunteer with the organizing of the event.  Speaker slots are closed, but people can still register to attend.

Editor Sara Langston encourages Babbler readers to attend this event.

“We could use the support in what could be a hostile environment.”  Said Langston.  “Then we can keep the skeptics on their toes with our alternative questions!”

A skeptic, who asked not to be named, is looking forward to The Babbler’s presentation.

“Sure it’s OK to be openminded to learn the truth.  Though sometimes it’s OK to laugh at the stupid, and I can’t wait to laugh at The Babbler!”

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