Saturday, December 24, 2011

Web Exclusive: Santa gets Bolingbrook business license at the last minute.

Santa won't get arrested in Bolingbrook this year for breaking and entering.  Thanks to an emergency vote by the Bolingbrook Board of Trustees, Santa now a one year license to "run a surprise delivery business within the boundaries of Bolingbrook."

"The credit really goes to Mayor Roger Claar."  Said a village official who asked not to be identified.  "He remembered on Christmas Eve that they forgot to give Santa his annual license to deliver presents.  So while another mayor would have given up and told the police to ignore an obvious crime, Roger solved the problem."

According to the sources, Claar ordered the trustees to an emergency meeting.  The trustees, not wanting to miss Christmas Eve dinner, quickly granted Santa's annual license for  2011.  Claar then ordered the police ignore Santa.

"The last thing this village needs is to known as the place that arrested Santa."  Claar allegedly said.  "Can you imagine how that would harm our efforts to attract new business?"

This secret tradition started in 1966.  Some residents were concerned that if Santa could enter homes without a warrant, a future police department might cite the "Santa Prescient" to enter homes at any time.

"This was before 9/11 of course."  Said a village historian who asked not to be identified.

When asked to comment, Claar yelled, "It's Christmas Eve!  I'm trying to eat dinner with my family!  And no, my daughter will not run for mayor in 2013, and she's not getting married to an alien prince!  Merry Christmas!"

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