Monday, December 5, 2011

Letters to the Editor: Skeptics, Bug Foot and Occupation!

By Doug Fields
The Reader’s Editor

Doug Fields here.  It took awhile, but we finally have a batch of letters to worthy of publishing.  Sure you can post a comment on the site, but only a worthy few will get a letter to the editor published.  If you think you’re up to the challenge, send an e-mail to

The first letter is from our rivals, The Chicago Skeptics.  Apparently they’re holding some kind of convention.
To the Editor:
Registration is now open for SkeptiCamp Chicago 2012, an open skeptical convention which takes place on January 28, 2012.  
SkeptiCamps are informal, lively and entertaining day-long events where participants gather to learn and talk science and critical thinking. The last SkeptiCamp in Chicago, Skepchicamp 2010, had over seventy participants. Chicago SkeptiCamp 2012 aims to provide a platform for all skeptics to share their favorite subjects with the rest of the skeptical community. The public is invited to SkeptiCamp 2012 to engage in conversation and exercise critical thinking in the exploration of issues new and old. All attendees are encouraged to participate by either speaking or helping out. 
SkeptiCamp 2012 has 15 speaker slots.  First time speakers are encouraged to try making a presentation in a supportive, friendly environment.  If there are more speakers than slots, speech topics will be brought for a vote.  There will also be space for poster presentations.
Anyone interested in participating should go to  More information about SkeptiCamps around the world can be found at 

The Chicago Skepics and Chicago SkeptiCamp 2012 
Chicago, IL

Hmm.  If it is open to everyone, maybe they’ll let our open-minded readers give a presentation.  It wouldn’t hurt to ask.

Who knows?  Maybe this will be the year they let Anti-psychic kitty speak.
Speaking of the skeptics, our last article about a confrontation between Occupy Chicago and local skeptics produced this letter:

To the Editor:

I hope we annoy the one percent as much as those so-called skeptics annoyed us!

Chicago, IL

Welcome to our world, Mr. 99 percent.

Finally, we have a followup to one of our stories from June.

To the Editor:

Despite years of study, so-called skeptics have criticized my theory that a half-insect, half-human creature lives in Oswego, IL.  So I, along with my fellow researchers, have reevaluated the evidence.

In my last book, I claimed that the creature was the famed Skepchick Bug Girl.  It is now apparent that several years ago, the Bug Girl handle was secretly handed over a respected entomologist.  The government thought they could fool me, but they didn’t!  I, and my fellow researchers, have no interest in this fake Bug Girl.

Though I am certain the creature still runs a blog, she does not post under the handle, Bug Girl.  We are actively searching Google, and I am confident we will find this creature’s new blog!

Starting now, to avoid any confusion, we will now refer to the creature as Bug Foot!

Some have criticized all the cryptozoological field research in Oswego, calling it tasteless.  I say that your sense of taste ends with humanity’s right to know the truth.  The truth is, Bug Foot is out there in Oswego, and when we find her, we will study her in her natural environment!  The honor of getting the first fuzzy video of her is worth the risk of getting shot by Oswego’s unenlightened residents!

Jules Roberts
Minneapolis, MN

We appreciate your dedication to the truth.  Just try to stay on public property, and don’t break any laws.

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