Wednesday, September 21, 2011

From the Publisher: Babbler not allowed to sponsor ‘SGU 24’

By Chris Olson
Publisher of The Bolingbrook Babbler

The Skeptics Guide to the Universe claims to be open minded, but their wallets are closed to us.

After hours of negotiations, The Babbler will not be allowed to sponsor the SGU’s 24 hour webcast on 9/24/11. We had hoped to sponsor one of the 24 hours of this skeptical telethon. Had we succeeded, an SGU panelist would have read this passage:
The Bolingbrook Babbler is proud to sponsor our nemesis, The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe. To read the unbelievable news, go to From Jeff Wagg’s alien abduction to spacecraft crushing Richard Saunders, we cover the stories the skeptical web sites won’t touch.
We even challenged the SGU to disprove any of our stories. After two years, they haven’t been able to win our $5 prize.
So go to to read the stories the rouges can’t debunk.

The salesperson tried persuade us to “tone it down.” I said we were paying for the hour, and we don’t compromise. Finally, our ad was rejected for being “inappropriate and insensitive!”
When I appealed to Dr. Steven Novella, the head of the SGU, denied that our ad was rejected. According to him, all 24 hours were sponsored by the time we submitted our ad.

“I honestly wanted to accept your sponsorship.” Said Novella. “Then we could have pointed out the irony of The Babbler giving us $100 dollars so you can tell our listeners that you won’t give us $5. That’s five skeptics rejecting $5!”

The SGU may ignore us, but they can’t ignore our readers! I’m urging all of our loyal readers go to the SGU 24 web site on 9/23/11 7 PM Central time. In the online chat, politely, but firmly, ask the SGU why they won’t accept our $5 challenge. Can they ignore our readers for 24 hours? Find out this Saturday!

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