Thursday, August 11, 2011

We got a letter! 8/11/11

Doug Fields here. I guess most residents are busy getting ready for the new school year. That could explain why we haven’t received an intelligent letter in a while.

This letter, I’m happy to say, is the exception.  

To the Editor:
I have come up with a genuine tourist attraction that will far surpass not only the Hidden Lakes Trampoline and Miniature Golf Course Park but also the Patriot Spring Horseback Riding Concourse and Pizzeria.  Certainly it would draw many more visitors than does the Mayor's Annual Beef Stroganoff and Stewed Prunes Cook-Off that the Village always seems to put so much money into advertising. 
To wit:  last night my husband and I and our cats were watching the Discovery Channel when a most wondrous program came on about Honduras.  Unfortunately, we almost missed it because our cat Jane suddenly began jumping up and down on another cat, Austen, and biting his ear.  Austen did not find this an amusing excursion into personal hygiene, however, and subsequently expressed his displeasure by batting at Jane who then fell backwards off the bed which spooked Lolo so much that she fell backwards off the bed too.  But, after everyone calmed down, we saw it, there on the TV -- the Honduras Cave of the Glowing Skulls
It seems to me that it wouldn't be that hard to recreate this same phenomenon here in the Lily Cache River Valley.  I was thinking that the small tunnel the creek runs through under Route 53 east towards Menards would be ideal.  Plus the many visitors to the Freedom Fountains with the red, white and blue lights that grace the entrance to Briarcliff Road could easily travel north a short distance to our very own Bolingbrook Cave of the Glowing Skulls!   
The Honduras cave contains numerous historical artifacts, and, of course,
Skulls, but maybe local middle school students would be willing to make these for the Bolingbrook cave:  some clay bowels and plates, a sharpened stick or two, and the skulls which I think could be easily assembled from plastic milk jugs and black Magic Markers.  We'd also need to string some electric lights from one of the houses on the upper banks of the Lily Cache and maybe the local Elks Club could be prevailed upon to supply treats for the children who come to see the cave.  We could also open a small gift shop with tasteful recreations of the Skulls, perhaps as earrings or paperweights.  We'd need some postcards to sell, of course, and a few signed copies of the Bolingbrook Friends of the Prairie Cookbook as well.  Last fall, for Dio de los Muertos, our neighbor Cecelia made a house flag featuring a dancing skeleton.  I am sure she'd love to make extras for the Skulls exhibit that we could drape across the entrance. 
Isn't this a great idea! 
Yours for the Magic of Bolingbrook!
Patricia O'Tuama
Proud Boingbrook Resident since 1996

PS:  Jane, Austen and their comrade-in-arms Bobby are available for public reenactments of both the Battle of Federicksburg and the capture of the castle at Beaumont Hammel during the Battle of the Somme, should the Village be interested.
Please note: All articles on this site are works of fiction.  This letter is real.

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