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Babbler’s 2011 Student To Look Up To

Editor Sara Langston
By Sara Langston
Editor of The Bolingbrook Babbler

At a time when certain web sites attack the Valley View School District, we at The Babbler want to celebrate the students. Every day, they risk UFO abduction, Weredeer attacks, and pandering politicians to go to school and hope to be eventually be accepted into a college.

While some students, unfortunately, give into temptations, or become too smart to relate to the average person, some become unique role-models. Someone that all students, regardless of clique, should emulate. Each year, we choose one of those students to highlight.

For 2011, we have selected Bobby G. Habenstein as our Student To Look Up Too. Habenstein, a junior at Bolingbrook High School, seems like your ordinary High School student. He, however, has a talent.

“At first I thought I could speak with dead people.” Said Habenstein

Habenstein realized that he had the power after his grandfather, Robert, died when Bobby was only 9.

“It was so comforting to know I could speak to him any time! Not only that, but he was always nice to me, and always said the right thing!”

Habenstein then used his talent to help other help his friends.

“I was banned from a few homes and some of my churchgoing friend’s parents said I was in league with the devil. So I started charging for my services. I mean, it was a lot of trouble, and my parents didn’t give me enough for my allowance.”

Habenstein continued to practice in secret until he bumped into a man in Chicago.

“We were at a pet supply shop. He was trying to get some high quality catnip to impress his girlfriend’s cat. So we started talking, and he brought up that he liked to study psychics. I mentioned that I was one.”

The man, according to Habenstein, gave him his e-mail address, and asked him to speak to James Randi.

“I accepted, because it was kind of an unusual last name.” Said Habenstein. “I figured it was an easy few bucks.”

After e-mailing his reading, the man replied that it was very interesting, because Randi is still alive. Not only that, but if he had known Randi was alive, Habenstein might have been eligible a million dollar prize.

“I was devastated.” Said Habenstein. “Was I really fooling myself, like the man said? Was I imagining my grandfather’s voice.”

Now many teens would have turned to something destructive, like drugs, crime, or atheism, to deal with him pain. Habenstein didn’t.

“I realized that I wasn’t listening to the dead. I was listening to the souls of the living!” The voices of the dead, were really the memories of the deceased that is carried in the soul of their loved ones.”

Habenstein realized that the deceased live on through our soul’s memory. By talking to the memories, he can help others come to terms with their loss, and resolve any issues they may have had with the deceased.”

“So I wasn’t talking to my grandfather. I was repairing my memory of him. So in a sense, he lives on though me, and has become a part of me.”

Habenstein now charges for “soul therapy” and hopes to apply for the million dollar prize next year. He feels grateful for the man he met in Chicago.

“He showed me that I could be wrong, yet only have to make a minor change to my beliefs. I’m still special, and I still have a power. I just have a better understanding of it now.”

Changing his mind, but still keeping an open mind towards reality, Bobby Habenstein is The Babbler’s 2011 Student To Look Up To.

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