Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Web Exclusive: Canadians defy Tim Farley's Internet ban

 Note: This article was originally in our TAM 9 Special Edition of The Babbler.  It has been posted online due to popular demand.

Three Canadians started a podcast in defiance of Tim Farley’s edict against new skeptical podcasts, blogs or web sites.

Sources close to the situation say Farley, webmaster of, blogger at Skeptical Software Tools ( and a contributor to the Skepticality podcast, is very upset about the situation.

“He said that was going to give them a piece of their mind at TAM 9.” Said one source. “I hope the organizers warned hotel security. It could get ugly.”

Another source provided a transcript of an e-mail exchange between Farley and one of the rouge podcasters.

Podcaster: We just started a new podcast, Inside Belief at We hope you like it as much as we had fun making it. Maybe you’ll be kind enough to post the link to it, eh? 
Farley: How dare you defy me! Are you trying to undermine my control of all things skeptical on the Internet. Don’t you know that too many skeptical sites will destroy skepticism? Pull it down before it’s too late! 
Podcaster: Eh? What do you mean? We’re pretty unique. We interview believers of the paranormal, let them present their side, then talk about why they believe. There is room for that on the Internet, don’t you think? Eh? 
Farley: I have judged you to be not specific enough! Point of Inquiry also interviews believers sometimes. I see that your podcast is still up. Why are you defying me? Do you hate America? Bring it on! 
Podcaster: You know that Canada is a part of America too, eh? Even if it weren’t, that doesn’t give you the right to control the Internet, does it? Eh? People should have a choice of what podcasts they want to listen to. Just like Harper is going to give us a choice of insurance companies instead of single payer. You wouldn’t like it if someone told you to stop posting on the Internet, would you? Eh? 
Farley: What’s the harm in giving people a choice of skeptical podcasts? They might choose not to listen to Skeptcality! They might listen to a bad podcast. There are too many podcasts right now. You’re making it worse. Want to take me on? Fine! But think of the harm you’ll be doing to Derek. He’s so weak that he can’t even say, “Science.” You’re evil. Shut down your podcast now! 
Podcaster: Eh? Are you going to TAM? Maybe we can get share a Labatt Blue at the Del Mar and talk, eh? We’re both skeptical Americans, right? Eh? Let’s work together and not turn this into a war. Eh!”
A spokesperson for Farley denied that he was trying to shutdown skeptical Internet outlets.

“Tim was just trying to get attention. Kind of like when Phil Plait said, ‘Don’t be a dick.’ Tim just wants skeptics to know that there’s more to do on the Internet than bloging or podcasting.”

Farley then got on the phone, and said, “What’s the harm in The Bolingbrook Babbler? People might believe I’m really trying to take over the Internet! That’s why I’m working on a special app that will defeat your web site!”

A woman from the Edmonton Skeptics denied there was a conflict with Farley, and quested the authenticity of the e-mail transcript.

“Canadians do not say. ‘eh’ all the time! Just like you don’t always chant, ‘USA’ every time you get together. Do you? Eh--Achoo! Thought you caught me didn’t you!”

Please note: All articles on this site are works of fiction.


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