Monday, July 4, 2011

Web Exclusive: $5 Dollar Challenge goes to TAM 9

Representatives from The Babbler will go to The Amazing Meeting to challenge the James Randi Educational Foundation and The Skeptics Guide to the Universe to debunk any Babbler article. If they succeed, they will get $5.

“Last year, the SGU pretended not to know about us.” Said Babbler publisher Chris Olson. “This year they don’t have an excuse. The JREF has publicly acknowledged our challenge but refused to submit an application. Now both groups know about the challenge, and will have to give us an answer at TAM!”

Initial interviews by this reporter suggest that they will not accept the challenge.

“We have more pressing concerns right now.” Said JREF spokesperson Sadie Crabtree. “Like trying to make sure there isn’t a riot between Rebecca Watson supporters and Stef McGraw supporters. Maybe after someone passes the $1 Million challenge we’ll look at your challenge.”

Watson explained her reasons for opposing the challenge.

“Guys.” Said Watson. “You should know that your stories are so illogical that they're almost impossible to disprove. The burden of proof is on The Babbler to prove its crazy stories.”

When this reporter called the Novella home, a man replied, “Dude, I’ll give you $10 if you’ll tell which Novella brother I am.”

Before this reporter could guess, a man in the background said, “Jay, what are you doing?”

“God damn it Steve, you (expletive deleted).” Said Jay. “I was about to win $10 from The Babbler.”

“What the (expletive deleted) are you doing Jay? You know we’re supposed to ignore The Babbler.”

“That doesn’t make any (expletive deleted) sense, you (expletive deleted)! You get to go on Dr. Oz’s show, but I can’t talk to the Bolingbrook (expletive deleted) Babbler?”

“Are they on the phone now?”

“Yeah. I was about to get $10 dollars from them.”

“(Expletive deleted)! They’re going to post this entire conversation, and I can’t edit out my obscenities like I do on the podcast.”

As the two Novella brothers argued, Bob Novella took the phone and said, “Why don’t you guys ever bother Evan Bernstein?” He then hung up.

Please note: All articles on this site are works of fiction.

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