Monday, July 4, 2011

The Babbler returns to The Amazing Meeting

By Chris Olson, Publisher of The Babbler

This year, the James Randi Educational Foundation is holding their Amazing Meeting meeting in Las Vegas. Rumor has it that they were so afraid of our reporters showing up that they closed registration. True or not, our reporters will be at TAM exposing their coverup of the supernatural.

Why should Bolingbrook care? Because the JREF wants to cover up the truth! They want you to think that Bolingbrook is an insignificant Southwest Suburb of Chicago run by an unchecked mayor. They want you to believe that there is nothing more to Bolingbrook than you read in the Bugle, The Bolingbrook Report, and The Number Crunchers.

We’re not going to let the JREF get away with it! Our readers know that Bolingbrook is the home of the world’s largest urban UFO base! Weredeer live among us! Swamp monsters occasionally make there way up here, and Lake Michigan is home to a “lame lake monster.”

The JREF trying to debunk us and they are failing. Now we’re taking the fight to them! Not only will our reporters be there, but we’re going to distribute a limited print TAM only edition of The Babbler. They say they’re open minded. Now we’re going to find out just how open minded they really are. Will they read our publication and think about what we write? Will they try to purge our reporters? We’ll find out next week!

Even if they kick out our reporters, that won’t stop our twitter feed. Anti-psychic Kitty has agreed to live tweet the event for us! APK is the most skeptical creature on Earth! With his over 10,000 points of anti-psychic energy, any psychic who tried to use their powers around him will die! Will TAM stand up to his scrutiny? Find out by following @bolingbrookbabb.

To all of our so-called skeptical readers out there, we have this message. Before you doubt any of our stories, remember that to date, the JREF and the Skeptics Guide to the Universe haven’t accepted our $5 challenge. If they can’t debunk us, why do you think you can?

While you’re pondering this question, our reporters are already making their way to Las Vegas. If they survive, or escape arrest, or aren’t brainwashed, they will post amazing stories from this amazing meeting of skeptics and their extraterrestrial allies. I can’t wait and neither should you, residents of the Brook. Because the truth is unbelievable, and you’ll only read it in The Babbler!

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