Sunday, April 3, 2011

Web Exclusive: Joe Naponiello responds!

Reader's Editor Doug Fields here. I asked Bolingbrook Village Trustee candidate Joe Naponiello to respond to charge that he wants to shutdown Bolingbrook’s schools. Here is his reply:

It seems I have heard this rumor numerous times over the last 2 weeks and several people have asked me the same questions. I don't know where this got started but NO ONE has bothered to ask me this question in writing other than yourself. I am glad you did. I would like to set the facts absolutely straight so you may pass the word around. "I do not wish to eliminate or destroy schools or the education system of any kind or anywhere". I am a firm believer in education and getting the best education possible. I think all of us need to get the most out of education for our children and for generations to come. I put myself through college while running my own business so I can get the best education for myself at that time. I know how important a good education is. I believe that a good education is mandatory but I think some people might think that if you go to school you get an education. I truly believe this is up to the individual, their work ethic and teachers and facilities. If they want education they will learn, achieve and make something of themselves. I am 500% for education, schools and the library system. We need to stimulate young minds to be good people and be productive parts of society.

Joe Naponiello
Bolingbrook, IL

If any other candidates wish to have their letters posted here, let me know by Monday afternoon. Sure you've had months to e-mail us, but that's OK.  Better late than never.

Please note: The e-mail from Joe Naponiello is real and was in response to an e-mail I sent him  I only printed the first paragraph, with his permission.  Doug Fields is a fictional character.

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