Monday, April 4, 2011

Web Exclusive: Bob Bowen speaks!

Reader's Editor Doug Fields.  Yesterday I made an offer to candidates to send their letters to me.  Bob Bowen responded.  Just remember, the opinions expressed in this letter do not necessarily reflect those of the editors, publisher or staff:

Dear Fellow Bolingbrook Citizens and Supporters,

I am running for Trustee as I am very concerned about the financial destruction of the Village by the incumbent Trustees who have rubber stamp voted to put Bolingbrook $468 Million dollars in debt (reference p. 66 2009 Bolingbrook Financial Report)--the highest per person debt of any village or city in all of Illinois.  The same incumbent Trustees also voted to terminate 94 police officers, police dispatchers, life saving paramedics, social workers, public works personnel, and firemen.  Simultaneously they keep giving millions of our tax dollars to way over priced pay-to-play suppliers and "charities" that their friends run--friends that are their fellow Trustees and/or that sit on the same Village Board!

I've gone to Village Board meetings for the last 2 years and have asked/pleaded/insisted that the Trustee STOP pillaging OUR tax money.  Further, I offered at these same meeting over $10 Million in money savings actions to take (that would have preserved over 40 of the positions that the incumbent Trustees terminated) and also offered my services as a Fortune 500 Procurement Officer for FREE--all of which the incumbent Trustees either ignored or rejected with great animosity.

Thus I realized the only way to change anything and stop the pillaging of our tax dollars, financial decimation, and firing of essential service providing personnel was to be a Trustee myself.  And so I decided to make the substantial sacrifice of time and finances to campaign for Trustee.

We all need to vote April 5 and make sure all our friends, neighbors, and family in Bolingbrook vote April 5 to take our Village back.  I am here to represent YOUR interests, not to line pockets.  I have not accepted even $1 from any political party or special interest group in this election.  I will continue to represent YOU just as I have been doing at Village Board meetings for the past 2 years.

Please read my campaign site,, and my campaign flyer that you can download there.  It is critically important for all of us to get to the polls Tuesday, April 5.  EVERY vote makes a difference in this election.

Together we will change OUR Village for the better and WIN. 


Best Regards,

Bob Bowen, Your Bolingbrook Trustee Candidate Representing YOUR Interests 
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Please note: The letter from Bob Bowen is real.  Doug Fields is a fictional character.


Bolingbrook Babbler said...

Bob, I'm looking at the 2009 and 2010 reports. The 2009 report show the debt at $204,762,643. The 2010 Report show the debt at $208,673,953. Where are you getting the $468 million dollar figure?

Bob Bowen said...

The Debt Service Requirements to Maturity for the General Obligation Bonds of $468 Million is from p. 66 of the 2009 Bolingbrook Financial Report.