Sunday, March 27, 2011

Babbler endorses the Jeff Peckman Party candidates for Village Trustees

By Publisher Chris Olson

With one of the most hotly contested Bolingbrook Trustee elections since the 1990s, I decided to speak with the editorial writers and issue an endorsement. This is a decision were are taking very seriously.

There were some heated discussions, a lot of prayers, and a lot of counseling with our staff psychics. It helped that only three parties answered our questionnaires. Unfortunately, we had to disqualify The Roger Claar party because Mayor Roger Claar isn’t a member.

In the end, we decided to endorse The Jeff Peckman Party, formally known as The Art Bell Party. The party now names itself after Peckman, who tried to get Denver voters to approve a UFO Commission. He failed, but 27,486 people voted in favor of it.

Since the 1990s, the Peckman party has promised to fully audit Clow UFO base, and crack down on illegal space aliens in Bolingbrook. While others have called for the closing of Clow, they promise to work with Claar to keep the base open, but at the same time, promise to protect taxpayer dollars from covert government waste. These are goals we support.

The Peckman party recently provided us the names of their three candidates. Per our agreement, the names will only be published in the print edition of The Babbler. Which works out because while you can’t use a smartphone while voting, you can bring a newspaper with you.

We also considered the “mainstream” parties, despite their lack of paranormal platform planks. Sadly, the parties still came up lacking.

The First Party for Bolingbrook is controlled by Claar. Granted, we were surprised that Leroy Brown and Rick Morales were allowed to run after occasionally voting against Claar. Still, these two, and Patricia Schanks, support Claar when it counts, and rarely challenge him in public.

Because of The First Party controls the village board, many residents feel they do not have a voice in government. Sure, an individual can address the board for three minutes, but many want someone on the board speaking for them. They want their voices heard in the executive sessions and in village hall. At the very least, many residents wish there would have been a trustee who publicly objected when Claar proposed building a luxury golf club.

While there are issues with The First Party, it is not enough to simply vote for any opposition candidate. All trustees have the skills, knowledge and sense of responsibility to ensure that Bolingbrook functions as a village. It is not enough to vow to vote against Claar. A trustee must have plans for the village that goes beyond attacking Claar’s supporters.

This is where we have issues with the Will County Independent Party and their affiliated candidates, Rhonda Reed-Slaughter and Joe Naponiello. Robert Bowen’s antics at board meetings, such as throwing FOIA requests at Claar and trying to provoke Morales, are well known. He also claims that the deficit is $200 million higher than reported by the village. We have yet to see him produce paperwork to prove this. He speaks out against trustees using their office for perks, yet the WCIP tries to recruit candidates by mentioning the perks of elective office.

This disconnect extends to the actions of the WCIP/Watchdogs of Bolingbrook. They denounce Topix users who post personal attacks against them. Fair enough, but they say nothing when WCIP supporters on Topix call their critics “Kool-aid drinkers” or "stalkers." WCIP supporters demand that their candidates not be judged by their affiliations, yet in the past, they will not hesitate to call someone a puppet of Claar if they even accept his endorsement.

We have always had respect for Reed-Slaughter. Her Number Crunchers site is a valuable resource, but we are concerned about her affiliation with the WCIP.  We hope she will try to distance herself from their recent negative attacks.

As for Ken Cygan, it is great that you support public safety and want to clean up vacant properties. What about the issues that matter? Do you feel that Clow should increase its traffic? Should more aliens be allowed to live off the base? Should we increase taxes on aliens? You always bore our reporters with “real issues.” Well, our issues are real to our readers, and you might have gotten our nod if you had addressed them.

Same with Cousy Nash. Only Nash makes Cygan look like Wikipedia. You are involved in the Democratic Party, you work at a smokeless tobacco company, go to church, and? Do you even like Clow UFO Base?

Now some readers may be concerned about opposition parties on the board. Could a divided board hurt Bolingbrook? We don’t think so. Bolingbrook has survived divided boards in the past. Claar was first appointed to the board as a compromise between two political parties. Some will say that worked out well for Bolingbrook. We think Bolingbrook can survive a divided board in the future.

What is more important is that the board consists of trustees who are committed to working for the residents of Bolingbrook. We think The Jeff Peckman Party’s members can do that. If, however, you think they’re “too weird,” then check out the other candidates.

No matter who you support, we hope you will educate yourself, and participate in the April 5th election. On that day, the politicians, bloggers, and mainstream media will have to listen to you. Your voice will matter because you will choose the pathway the village follows for the next two years.

Choose wisely.

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Anonymous said...

You criticize the Independent candidates for not articulating their plans for Bolingbrook. The First Party's plans for Bolingbrook are the same as they have always been - do whatever Roger tells us to do.

Personally, I have more respect for candidates who would at least vote their own conscience on issues, then those who have proven time and time again that they will only do what they are told.

Bolingbrook Babbler said...

I think it is important to consider the positions of the candidates. I wouldn't vote for a hypothetical candidate who wanted to sue to shutdown the public schools. No how sincere that candidate may feel, it is still a bad idea.