Sunday, December 5, 2010

Valley View rejects teaching 'Reptoid Theory' of Santa Claus

Is Santa an alien?
Valley View 365U will not be the first school district in the world to teach an alternative theory of Santa Claus.

"It's bad enough that we have to deal with Rhonda and her site!" Said School Board President Steven Quigley, according to sources. "I will not let anyone turn our schools into a laughing stock!"

According to various sources, the board met in secret with the president of the Bolingbrook Alien Education Society, Paul X. Ferguson. Ferguson, said the sources, asked the board to give "equal" time to alternative theories of Santa Claus. When Mike Evans asked this meant teaching students about Hanukkah, he shook his head.

"We're teaching students a fairy tale about Santa Claus when there is perfectly rational explanation." Said Ferguson. As the board members jaws dropped, Ferguson unveiled his "scientific theory."

"Every December, The Reptoids give thanks to the human race by sending a fleet of space ships, disguised as flying sleighs, to deliver gifts to the families of the 'developed nations.' They then teleport into each home, and shape shift to look like Santa Claus. This is how they thank us for not drilling into the center of the Earth."

Ferguson said his theory resolves many problems of that the current "theory" of Santa Claus has. His theory explains why Santa in be in several homes simultaneously. It also explains how he is able to transport the millions of pounds of toys. The theory also doesn't require reindeer to fly at supersonic speed.

After explaining the theory, the board sat in stunned silence. Finally, Mrs. Liz Campbell asked why he was inspired to come up with this theory.

"Richard Dawkins said that we shouldn't teach our children fairy tales, but science fiction instead. Now, I don't consider my theory science fiction, but it does give our district the chance to offer an alternative to parents who want their kids to only be exposed to science."

Campbell, according to the sources, paused, and then said, "That settles if for me. I'm voting no!"

Quigley asked if the theory had been peer reviewed. When Ferguson said no, Quigley explained, "We may have our issues, but we always try to teach peer reviewed scientific theories. The traditional theory of Santa Claus has been reviewed by millions of parents. I see no need to go against centuries of tradition at this time. If Nature accepts your paper, let us know."

The board then voted unanimously against teaching Ferguson's theory.

When reached for comment, Ferguson denied meeting with the school board, but says his theory has been peer-reviewed.

"My friends like the theory, and they're my peers." Said Ferguson. "I hope to get it published by MUFON. After all, Hollow Earth Theory makes more sense than an immortal old man living in hut at the North Pole!"

When asked to comment Quigley said, "There is a Hell. It's Rhonda asking questions in my left ear, and an issue of The Babbler stapled to my eyes!"

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Anonymous said...

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