Friday, November 26, 2010

Web Exclusive: Former mayor tries to adopt elephant ghost

Romeo's ghost haunts Lake Lawn in Wisconsin.
Former mayor Ed Rosenthal tried to adopt an elephant ghost while visiting Delavan, WI.

“I was staying at Lake Lawn Resort when noticed this giant translucent elephant outside.” Said Rosenthal. “The poor thing looked so said, and probably needed a home since Lake Lawn is closing.”

According to local sources, Rosenthal saw the ghost of Romeo, a killer elephant that used to live in Delavan. Romeo, a circus elephant, lived in the 1800s, and stayed in Delavan during the winter. During his career, he killed five people, but was never put down because, according to one source, he was sad over the death of his mate, Juliet.

“I didn’t care about his life.” Said Rosenthal. “He’s a ghost now. He can’t harm anyone. I’d like to have him around to keep my dog company, and scare off any burglars. It’s not like he needs lots of space.”

A source connect to the Delavan tourism department said Rosenthal’s request was denied.

“Our statue of Romeo is a popular tourist attraction.” Said the source. “One of the reasons its so popular is because Romeo will appear at night. Sure he usually looks like a blob in a digital photo, but still, people want to see his blob!”

When informed of Rosenthal’s interest in adopting Romeo, a spokesperson for the Bonnie Alicea Kurowski for Trustee campaign responded by saying, “Bonnie will make an exception to my, er her, promise not to pass public nuisance laws if it means protecting Bolingbrook from killer ghosts!”

Wisconsin officials urge caution to anyone attempting to adopt a ghost, and to consult paranormal experts before trying to move one across state lines.

Please note: All articles on this site are works of fiction.


Anonymous said...

is this article fiction or not?

Bolingbrook Babbler said...

This is a work of fiction, but I do know Ed in real life. He's a great guy, and he liked this article.