Monday, November 1, 2010

The Babbler to celebrate 12th anniversary of the first online story

By Publisher Chris Olson

Twelve years ago this month, The Bolingbrook Babbler posted its first article on the Internet. Granted it was part of a staff member’s personal web page, and we wouldn’t start regular posting of articles until 1999. Still, it was milestone in our long history, and, more importantly, we were bringing the truth about Bolingbrook to a worldwide audience.

To celebrate, we’re reprint our first interviews with each of Bolingbrook’s mayors? Why? Because some skeptics, amazingly, don’t believe that we are as old as Bolingbrook. They want proof! Well, we’re going to give them proof over nine days.

This is most ambitious web project to date. It’s been made more difficult with ghosts of The Phantom Press harassing our staff member. Despite their efforts, we are finished with the coding, and we will launch our series this Sunday. And to ghosts out there, remember this. We have Anti-psych kitty, and we’re not afraid to use him!

For the rest of you, we hope you will enjoy this look into Bolingbrook’s past as much as we have. I think you will see that the truth has always been unbelievable, and we’ve been there to cover it.

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