Sunday, September 19, 2010

Anti-psychic kitty speaks: Go to the Star Party!

Editor’s note: Due out legal settlement with the James Randi Education Foundation, we are required to give column space to Anti-psychic Kitty. Anti-psychic Kitty is the most skeptical creature on Earth. The views in this column definitely do not reflect the views of The Bolingbrook Babbler.

Hello credulous readers of The Babbler. My friends at the Women Thinking Free Foundation are hosting a very special party. A “Skeptics Under the Stars” party on October 2nd.

First you’ll set up camp at McIntyre’s Resort in Delavan, WI. Then you will hear a lecture from the Dr. Pamela Gay! If that doesn’t make you purr, then this will. You get a tour of Yerkes Observatory. The same observatory that Einstein used to visit. You’ll be walking in his footsteps, relatively speaking. Hee, Hee! That will be followed by a night of stargazing.

Adults have to pay $75 per person, but kids under 10 are free! So bring the family! This includes the tour, camping, burgers and hot dogs, snakes, and limited beer and wine!

I’m not allowed to go because some people are allergic to cats, and if I run into a psychic, I could blow their minds. Literally!

If you believe in UFOs, then don’t worry about being abducted. First, UFO’s aren’t aliens space craft. Second, they never seem to appear when astronomers are around.

So, keep your eyes to the Wisconsin skies, and remember, that’s there’s only one truth in the universe:


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