Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Anti-psychic Kitty Speaks: Attend the Mysteries of the Totally Explained Psychic Fair!

From the Editor: As part of our settlement with the James Randi Educational Foundation, we will cosponsor an event with a local skeptical group. In return, the JREF will not press charges against our reporters who infiltrated The Amazing Meeting 8. We’ll let Anti-psychic Kitty, the most skeptical creature on Earth, explain.

The Women Thinking Free Foundation will turn the Galway Arms into a fair of explainable psychic phenomenon! See if you can be fooled by tarot cards, palm readings, and Surly pendulums! Then learn how you too can fool people into thinking you’re psychic.

Think you have real powers? Then prove it at the Zender Card Death match! The winner gets to meet me. Hee Hee! Just kidding. I’m not allow at the fair because any one who uses real psychic powers around me will have their head explode. Actually they’ll know that they really don’t have powers and then blow up their own heads.

You can also buy cool cat toys, I mean Surlyramics! You can try to talk to “dead” celebrities, and meet a famous skepchick! Don’t listen to The Babbler. I really like Elyse! I just wish my fur didn’t make her sick.  Best of all, you can bid on a deck of tarot cards signed by famous skeptics, including James Randi, Rebecca Watson, Joe Nickell, Phil Plait, Michael Shermer, and Jamie Bernstein!

So go to The Galway Arms in Chicago at 8:00 pm on Friday! There will even be an open bar. Tickets are $45 online and $50 dollars at the door. Go to for tickets and information.

I hope you can make it, and remember, there is only one thing in the universe that’s certain:


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