Thursday, November 5, 2009

Web Exclusive: British skeptic launches cyberattack against The Bolingbrook Babbler

British skeptic Sid Rodrigues launched a surprise cyberattack against The Bolingbrook Babbler on Thursday. The Babbler’s IT person fixed the affected computers after three hours.

“Damn him.” Said IT Director Lee Brental. “I had plans for tonight. Now I have to clean up stupid malware! We saved your butt in World War II, and this is how you repay us?”

According staff members, Rodrigues, a contributor to Britain’s The Skeptic Magazine and organizer of London’s Skeptics in the Pub, sent a link, via Twitter, to Babbler staff members.

Jan Thilman described the message as, “(An) IQ challenge. I’m a pretty smart person, so I decided to take his online test. So I clicked the link, along with my friends. Our computers started downloading something, and we couldn’t stop it.”

Publisher Chris Olson said the attack will not go unpunished.

Said Olson, “I guess Rebecca Watson decided to use her husband to respond to our $5 Challenge to The Skeptics Guide to the Universe!”

Rodrigues sent an e-mail claiming that he was actually the victim of a “spambot” and he had never heard of The Babbler before this incident.

He added, “Did I mention that I woke up next to Rebecca Watson today? Did I mention that I had lunch with Rebecca Watson? I didn’t send that direct message to you because I was taking a bath with Rebecca Watson. If I wanted to, I could be in bed with Rebecca Watson right now. Did you see me get married to Rebecca Watson on the Internet? There is a skeptic’s heaven, and I am in it! ”

Olson said he will consider his legal options, and urges all Babbler readers to boycott the book, An Atheist’s Guide to Christmas, which features an essay by Rodrigues.

Please note: All articles on this site are works of fiction.


Anonymous said...

Can I please point out to your readers that as well as a contribution by this colossal arse Rodrigues (whoever he is!), the wonderful Atheist Guide to Christmas also has something by me, somebody they have never heard of, and so they should definitely go out and buy it forthwith.

Neil Denny
Little Atoms Radio Show

Anonymous said...

This whole thing is a hoax. Rebecca Watson is known to live in a birdcage in the back garden of Sid's London estate. He couldn't possibly have been taking a bath with her.

It's from her back yard birdcage that Ms. Watson spends her days writing love letters to me.

St. Louis MO

Bjørnar said...

But why would he target me? I'm a nobody?

A smokescreen?

Anonymous said...

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