Friday, September 25, 2009

Web Exclusive: Mayor Claar: Blogger tried to steal my soul!

A source close to Bolingbrook Mayor Roger Claar says the mayor believes a blogger tired to steal his soul at the 9/22/09 Trustee meeting.

At the meeting, Claar asked a member of the audience if he was making a movie.  The man, who later identified himself as a blogger, said he was.  After a short exchange with the Blogger, Claar resumed his comments about school safety.

Steve, who knows Claar, says there is more to the incident.  Claar, he says, felt something tugging at his soul, and believes the blogger’s camera was really a soul stealing machine.

“Steve!”  Claar is alleged to have said, “I was having a good meeting, like I used to have before I ever heard of Bonnie.  Even though Trustee Morales voted against me twice, I didn’t let it worry me, because I was still going to get my way.  Everyone in the audience was happy because I gave most of them a landscaping award.  I had kids on stage, a resident plugged a new restaurant, and Bonnie’s group was acting civilly that night.  Then some blogger tried to steal my soul!  It ruined a perfectly good meeting!”

Claar, according to Steve, credits his strong faith and the goodwill of audience members for stopping the kidnaping of his soul.  Once Claar broke the blogger’s concentration, the machine stopped working, Claar believes.

A Babbler reporter tried to speak with the Blogger after the meeting.  The blogger, who would not give his name, said, as he was running away, “I have to get out of here before Roger figures out which blog I write for!”

When asked to comment, Claar replied, “I wish this blogger had told me what he was planning to do.  I could have offered him some advice.  Most older residents don’t know that I have my own YouTube video series.  Thanks to Bolingbrook Magazine, I was able to produce a fine example of modern journalism.”

Researchers for The Babbler believe they have located the blogger’s video but they cannot determine the identity of the blogger.

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