Sunday, June 14, 2009

Two years and still going!

By Chris Olson, Publisher.

One day before The Bolingbrook Babbler celebrated two-year anniversary of the re-launch of our web site, held a meeting in Chicago. We don't know what they were planning, but we do know that any plans were lost in a haze of booze and Tang.

I bring up this meeting because some residents have asked me why we maintain a web page. Citizens for a Better Bolingbrook and The Weekly Reporter investigate Roger Claar on their web sites. The local papers cover rest of the news on their sites. Why do we need The Babbler?

I now ask them, if we aren't relevant, why are the skeptics from around the country so frightened of us? Their first gathering may have failed, but there will be others! And they will not stop.

We cover the truth, no matter where it leads. The other web sites promote the skeptical agenda of portraying Bolingbrook as an ordinary suburb. A land of strip-malls and oversized campaign funds.

We know better. We know about Clow UFO Base, the largest urban UFO base in North America. We weren't afraid to cover Bolingbrook's illegal space alien problem. We were there when local churches tried to buy back the soul of the Friendly Atheist. In short, we cover the stories the other sites won't cover.

And as we enter our 44th year, we will keep covering uncovering the truth about Bolingbrook. Bonnie may be forced out of Bolingbrook. The "local" papers may go out of business, but The Babbler abides! Our first issue appeared minutes after Bolingbrook was incorporated. And we will keep publishing until Illinois disbands Bolingbrook!
No other publication can make that claim.

To kick off the third year of our web site, I am going to reaffirm a challenge to the greatest skeptic podcast. Last month, Doug Fields, The Reader's Editor, challenged the Skeptics Guide to the Universe to debunk The Babbler on their podcast for $5. They haven't replied. Skepchick, run by famed skeptic Rebecca Watson, has mentioned us. Now it is time for the rest of the "Rouges" to get into the act. To get the $5, you guys must debunk The Babbler on your podcast.

You've debunked the Denver UFO video and this summer's crop circle explosion for free. Would it really cost you more than $5 to debunk our simple little publication?

While you guys ponder our $5 challenge, we'll keep exposing the real truth about Bolingbrook.

Please note: All articles on this site are works of fiction.

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