Sunday, December 7, 2008

Homeland Security questions former Bolingbrook mayor

Homeland Security officials questioned former Bolingbrook mayor Ed Rosenthal for 2 hours before releasing him.

"I was about to walk out, when someone knocked on the door." Said Rosenthal. "My daughter's dog started barking, as usual. When I came to the door, I head someone say, 'don't worry. This is the nice dog.' I figured something was off."

According to Donna Smith, spokesperson for Homeland Security, Rosenthal was questioned in regards to, "an unauthorized transition of power in Bolingbrook."

Rosenthal believes it is all a misunderstanding. "I was on the phone with a friend, and I said, as a joke, that I wondering when The Babbler would write about me staging a coup to remove Roger. I didn't realize the government was so interested in my phone conversations."

Smith explained their interest. "An individual with a not so insignificant degree of separation from him made a phone call to a city 600 miles from the Gaza Strip. It is standard procedure to monitor the calls of anyone associated with a possible foreign operative as well as those associated with the associates. And so on."

According to Rosenthal, the interview lasted for two hours. "Let me tell you, those are two hours that I will never get back. I suppose I should be thankful that I wasn't arrested. Still, what a total waste of taxpayers' time and money! Why have a coup when we can just vote him out of office?"

Smith would neither confirm nor deny if they were still investigating Rosenthal. "Ed Rosenthal is not a person of un-interest."

When asked for comment, Mayor Roger Claar replied, "This just goes to show that we have to keep an eye on everyone. I'm sorry my friend was inconvenienced, but it shows the level of commitment to our security we have enjoyed under President Bush. I hope we see a similar commitment under President Obama."

For the record, The Babbler had no plans to write an article about Ed Rosenthal's alleged plans for a coup.

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