Monday, August 25, 2008

Pardon our progress!

From the webmaster:

I'm excited to announce the launch of the brand new Bolingbrook Babbler web site. In our never ending battle to bring you the truth, we've upgraded out web page. For the first time, readers can now subscribe to a newsfeed and have our great articles delivered to you! We'll still post a featured story every Sunday, but with our new efficient technology, we now have the flexibility to post articles any day we want to. That means more content for you! Plus for the first time, you have the ability to submit a story to Digg! Simply push the button at the end of each story, and you'll let the world know the truth!

Some of you may miss the old web site. Don't worry. You can still find it at Those stories won't be going away, no matter how many threats we get. Just think of that web site as a milestone in our long journey.

And don't worry, you can still pick up a copy of The Babbler at your nearest Bolingbrook grocery store. The print edition won't be going away any time soon, and it will still feature non-web exclusive content!

As most readers know, minutes after Bolingbrook was incorporated, the first issues of The Babbler landed on people's porches. Since then, we've followed the growth of our community. We've seen Clow UFO base grow into the largest urban UFO base in the world. We've followed the brave souls who hunt teenage vampires, and we've advocated the licensing of werewolves. When the local hippies were talking about peace with Russia, we're revealed the Soviet mind-control satellites that were really controlling them. As Bolingbrook has grown, so have we.

But our enemies have grown too. Mayor Roger Claar uses to make himself seem like a humble mayor, instead of an interstellar powerbroker. The Sun uses its web site to drown out our coverage of Bolingbrook. Skeptics around the world use the web to "debunk" our stories.

As they have adapted, so will we. Because as Bolingbrook's first and only true tabloid, we have a reputation to uphold, and uphold it we will. No matter what the medium, as long as Bolingbrook exists, so will the Bolingbrook Babbler!

Please note: All articles on this site are works of fiction.

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